Children should feel supported when they both lead and nurture,

and this means pushing back against age-old expectations that

women should be caring and men should be in charge.

Changing these stereotypes starts at home.

When parents have 50/50

partnerships, children grow up with more egalitarian views and can

envision more possibilities for themselves.

Telling children “You can do

anything” is not nearly as effective as showing them they can!

By making small changes that create more equal homes, we can raise a

generation of women and men who can be anything they want to be.

Here’s this week’s tip on how dads can help support gender equality at home:



Almost 65 percent of couples rely on dual incomes, but only 9 percent share child

care, housework, and breadwinning equally.

Yet research shows that splitting

responsibilities more evenly benefits children.

Fathers who do more household

chores are more likely to raise daughters who believe they have a broader range of

career options, and parents who share in decision making are more likely to raise

sons who support gender equality.


Approach child care and housework as real partners. Split household chores and

child care fairly, and talk openly about how—and why—you share responsibilities.