“If you want to be a great family, you need to be a great couple first, and if you want to be a great couple you need to be taking care of yourself, too.”

—Vienna Pharaon

In this
four-week video class, inspiring relationship expert and NYC licensed marriage/family therapist Vienna Pharaon walks couples through a workshop that will help you to identify your dreams and fears as you enter your next big adventure together—parenthood.

Through video lessons, discussion topics and date-night activities, Vienna will guide you as you find your unique style as individuals, a couple and a family.

You’ll learn:

—Ways to divide and conquer household duties so that everyone’s happy

—The specific habits of loving, lifelong couples

—Approaches to conflict that leave both of you feeling good at the end of a disagreement

—A script for sharing what
you need in your relationship

—How to create a vision for your life as a couple and family, and how to take small, daily steps to get there

Vienna’s expert guidance will give you and your partner a path for a happy relationship and a thriving family.

The class includes:

—4 weeks of daily classes (20 lessons!) to guide you in self-care, couple care and family dynamics

—A roadmap to navigate parenthood as a happy couple, with a custom approach that works for your family’s style

—Printable worksheets to inspire and guide reflection and discussion as a couple

—Weekend activity prompts to bring you and your partner closer together

—Q+A with Vienna Pharaon

—Exclusive access to an ongoing, supportive community on love and parenthood

—Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime—available on desktop, mobile and tablet

A new class session starts every Monday.

Join the course for just $79. Get inspired and get connected to an incredible community of moms!

You’ve got this, mama. Let Motherly + Love It show you how.

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