Angela Jia Kim began working on Om Aroma & Co. as an "expensive hobby" seven years ago while she was still touring as a concert pianist. Prompted by an allergic reaction to a lotion she had applied before stepping on stage to perform one night, and motivated by a passion for organic living, she set out to create a chemical and preservative-free organic skin care line. Two years later, she put an end to her concert touring and really dove into Om Aroma & Co. while 5 months pregnant with her daughter. Since then, she's built an award-winning beauty brand and shop, a beautiful spa, and launched a whole other business, Savor the Success, dedicated to helping women savor life. Here Angela tells us more about her “gorgeous chaos," raising a SuperGirl, and the natural Om Aroma beauties who start their day with a glass of green juice and end their day with a glass of Champagne. Sign us up. What inspired Savor Spa? When we launched the Om Aroma boutique in the West Village of NYC, we opened in a very exclusive area where many celebrities live. I quickly found out that they like to live there because there's no foot traffic… which is a retail store's worst nightmare! When someone popped her head in to ask if we did facials, I told her to come back the next day. My assistant and I worked all day and night to create a makeshift facial room. We obviously had Om Aroma & Co., my organic skincare line, that many luxury spas were already using in their facial protocols. So it was a matter of putting together a "facial room." Eventually the concept took off, and we re-branded the spa, calling it Savor Spa, a place where people can come and savor their lives. We were getting fantastic Yelp reviews, New York Magazine and InStyle chose us as one of their "Best Of's", and I'm so grateful that we now have an amazing team of estheticians, therapists and Green Beauty Gurus who are passionate about what they do. We now have a Savor Spa in Woodstock and are expanding. How does Om aroma stand out from other organic beauty brands? Om Aroma has garnered a cult-like following for using super-luxe ingredients such as Champagne, Caviar, and Truffles and infusing them with organic nutrients. What we hear most from our clients is that the products give them a "celebrity glow." Our products are made fresh daily in the Hudson Valley and our clients feel how vibrant and nourishing the ingredients are for their skin. Who is the clientele? When I first launched Om Aroma, I noticed that women from the West Village in NYC were buying the product. This is why we chose to open our first retail experience in the West Village. Now, we have international women and men--from celebrities to locals--who purchase our serums, creams and scents. I think my husband started to think that we really "made it" when he saw one of his favorite comedians regularly purchasing from us. I love seeing repeat locals coming back month after month for our Champagne Facial Club or Caviar Massage Club. One thing that our clients have in common is that they are all natural beauties who start their day with glass of green juice and end their day with a glass of Champagne. Tell us about your other business Savor the Success? Savor the Success is about helping women to live their best lives by achieving their goals and dreams. I created this organization after receiving a lot of emails asking “how I did it all." We now have "Savor Schools" to help women launch their businesses and platforms like the Manifest Method School, a PR School, and even a worldwide conference to help connect women to great resources. We also have products like The Daily Action Planner that help with organization and productivity. At Savor Spa, we believe in helping people reach their best skin and body potential, and at Savor the Success, we believe in helping others to reach their fullest mind potential. What are three business tips you can give an entrepreneurial woman trying to spread the word about her brand? 1. Build a charismatic brand that people want to be a part of. This involves inspiring others to reach a part of themselves that they feel by experiencing your brand. 2. Love what you are doing and have the love come through all of your marketing. You need to have a point of view that resonates deeply with your business. When you do that, half the work is done for you. People feel it and want it. 3. Be consistent about your emails, newsletters, social media. If you don't consistently touch your audience with great written or visual content, they lose touch with you. How does having a business in New York influence you? You have to work harder for everything in NYC, but I love the energy, creativity and inspiration that pulses through this amazing city. How does being a mom affect you being a business woman? It helps me to be more creative about everything--from how I approach creative campaigns to product development. When you have a child, you realize that their imagination is so rich and vibrant--there are no boundaries! Being a mom also makes me want to do better and reach farther. She's watching, and I know I have a little SuperGirl in the making! How is raising kids in New York special for you? I grew up in Iowa where watching clouds was sometimes the biggest excitement of the day. So having Central Park as my daughter's backyard, a magnificent view of the city from her room, and going to the Met Museum on any given Saturday is an incredible opportunity for me to relive my childhood through my daughter. I was also one of the only Asians who attended my school, and I love that Sienna attends a school that is diverse so that she can hear different languages and see different cultures and outlooks as the norm. How do you make time for all of it? I have a Daily Action Planner that I have used for so many years. It helps me to organize my "Gorgeous Chaos" and one of my friends encouraged me to share it with others so they could benefit as well. I created 500 planners for the Savor community, and thousands of copies later, I feel so good that I'm able to help in a small way for women to "do it all" and savor life. Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography.