It may sound a bit wacky to use body powder when you’re no longer wearing diapers, but hear me out on this one. Meow Meow Tweet’s Body Powder is a super light and silky dusting powder that will make you feel like a fancy Victorian lady in a matter of seconds. It has a very gentle, soothing scent and rubs into your skin quickly without leaving any residual chalkiness.

Sprinkle it in your pits and privates for a quick refresher when you’ve been running around after your kids and you haven’t had even a second to shower but you need to dash out and run some errands or you’re about to have some unexpected company. It leaves your skin feeling velvety soft, with no greasy residue. You’ll be surprised at the power of this unexpected perk-up. And since it’s made of all natural ingredients and is talc-free, it’s safe for your little baby’s bum as well!

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