We started Motherly 5 years ago because it didn’t exist.

Half a decade ago, when my co-founder Jill Koziol and I were in the midst of new motherhood ourselves, we craved a resource that treated us, Millennial mothers, as whole women during the most transformational experience of our lives.

We wanted a space that took our career ambitions seriously.

A site that addressed systemic bias against mothers head on.

A brand that saw the beauty and pain in motherhood and spoke honestly about it all.

A company that changed the parenting world from one centered on babies, to one that tells women that they matter, too.

Because as Jill often says, “when mothers thrive, families thrive, and the whole world thrives.”

Watch + celebrate 5 years of this community you’ve built with us:

In five years since our launch, it has been an incredible honor to connect with hundreds of millions of women on this journey of motherhood.

We’ve published over 10,000 articles and essays meant to inform and inspire a new generation of mothers.

And our videos—often created with clips sent in from our beloved community— have had over 1 billion views.

We’ve also gotten to interview scores of inspiring mamas on The Motherly Podcast—women like Kristen Bell, Gabby Union, Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (to name a few).

Through The Motherly Shop, two books (The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama and This is Motherhood ), our popular videos and Instagram Lives, and our social accounts, we’ve gotten to interact with literally hundreds of million of readers and viewers.

And today, Motherly is five. And like a lot of five-year-olds, we might have made our mark on the world—but we still have lots of big dreams for what we can do as we grow.

So in a lot of ways, we’re just getting started. And 2020 showed just how much more work we have to do.

Mothers were struggling before the pandemic, but 2020 revealed just how little broader society truly supports or understands them.

Next year, Motherly is doubling down on our mission and commitment to help mothers thrive, with a renewed focus on wellness resources, structural changes, and actionable tools that give women the support the desperately need.

Because mothers deserve to thrive.

You’ve got this. And we’ve got you.