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Dear little one,

It won’t be long now until I can see your sweet face, touch your soft skin and whisper in your ear the collection of thoughts that I have complied for you over the past nine months.

It’s been a true honor little one. Neither the sun nor stars could possibly shine as brightly as my heart does for you already. I will forever be grateful for our time spent together while you were in my belly and for the moments that have yet to come.

Not knowing if you are a boy or girl, I have chosen to focus more on the type of person you may become.

To help you be the best version of yourself, I promise to teach you empathy and understanding for not only other people but for yourself as well. When I lose patience with others or even you my sweet dear, I promise to model how to express my feelings in a fair and communicative manner, teaching you how to solve problems with others so that your relationships can deepen to the truest level.

I also promise to pause when the world gets too busy and try my best to see life through the rose colored glasses that you have chosen to put on for that day. I can only imagine how much more beautiful life will be through your eyes.

You are our greatest adventure

You are our greatest adventure—and while your father and I will remain the center of this family, you will fit perfectly into the life that we have worked so hard to build thus far. I have no doubt that you will bring more joy and bliss than we ever could have imagined. So come soon sweet child and always remember that I love you to the moon and back.

I simply can’t wait to meet you!


Your Mama

Terra LaRock is a first time mama who lives in the rocky mountains of Colorado with her husband, Perry and their darling Husky named Rio.