Having a new baby in the NICU is any parent’s worst nightmare. Being away from your newborn, worrying about their health… and all that doctor talk? Yeah, there’s no way we completely understand it all. What we do know: we love the March of Dimes. The organization has been supporting NICU babies and parents for eighty years now, and the release of their new app puts them at the tippy-top of our Weekly Links list!

1. We just love the new My NICU Baby app by March of Dimes. It’s packed full of valuable information for NICU parents or family members to help you understand and make the most of your time in the unit. On top of videos, tips and questions to ask doctors, the app connects you with a community of fellow NICU parents. Because we all need a village.

2. No gifts?! At a birthday party?! It’s a movement we’re already totally on board with (much to the surprise of everyone invited to my kiddo’s first birthday party), and we love how this mama took the time to explain why she’s on board, too. More memories, less junk, right?!

3. As if we needed more of a reason to love Rainn Wilson’s brainchild, SoulPancake, we are just completely dying over this sweet video of new mamas reading love letters to their little sweeties. You can join the conversation using #mamalogue to share some of your favorite mama moments.

4. One of our favorite natural wellness companies, Saje, now has a line for the babes! From lotions to soaps and diaper creams, it’s all 100 percent natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Only the best for our littles!

5. Major alert for all of our NYC mamas. The coolest club just opened in Chelsea for new and expectant mothers! The V.Club is all about empowering classes and community support during the time we need it most. The program’s Mommy Club kicks off its first classes this week: a unique Q+A style format featuring experts who you can ask literally any questions you want. And mama, we know this territory comes with a lot of questions.