"Busy" pretty much sums up every which way life becomes when kids are in the picture. So when it comes to taking care of yourself and taking care of your little ones, we’ll take all the help we can get. From ordering groceries to monitoring your health to exercising to staying in touch with health professionals, here’s my list of must-have wellness apps for new moms.

  1. Instacart – This is a grocery-ordering app. The app provides an online portal connection with grocery store chains such as Fairway, Whole Foods, and CostCo. and in cities such as New York, having the access to such stores without having to leave your own home is key, especially during the winter months. Delivery is only $3.99 when you make a purchase of $35 or more. Most of the time, there is a delivery available within 2 hours, but during peak times (i.e. holidays, inclement weather), delivery can be booked out as far as 2 days. As the mother of a toddler, I’m quite satisfied at least 95% of the time with using Instacart.
  2. Fooducate – Fooducate is an app that helps you make better, informed decisions about the groceries you purchase for your household. The app has an extensive database of products – all associated with a grading scale. The grade scale helps to understand the exact positioning of the product, how good/bad the ingredients included are for you, and any call-to-attention details about the product (i.e. additives, preservatives, hidden sugars) that we should know. You can scan products and receive real time “grades,” or utilize the Fooducate community to obtain recipes, ask questions and educate yourself at any time.
  3. Honey - Honey is the first social nutrition app and the only nutrition app created by experienced registered dietitians (RDs). For anyone wanting educational tidbits from RDs, Honey delivers easy to read real-time nutrition information, tips, recommendations, recipes and new product reviews pertaining to a variety of health categories, including: Healthy, Fit, Hearty, Kid, Lite, Sugar, Tasty, Fertile, and Buzz. Users can ask any nutrition questions and a multitude of dietitians will answer. It's like having a nutritionist in your pocket (and it’s free!)
  4. Clue - Clue is an application to help you track your menstrual cycle. By entering the necessary information on a monthly basis, it uses an algorithm to calculate and predict your own unique cycle. The more you use Clue, the more accurate it gets. Clue includes educational material about the menstrual cycle, answering questions like: Is my cycle normal? When can I get pregnant? What is PMS? If your goal is also to track fertility, the application provides a “predicted timeframe” to assist in the process. Sometimes accidents happen…but if you’re trying to be proactive about it, using an app like Clue is worth it. (Half of us can barely remember what we ate for breakfast the same day.)
  5. Booya Fitness – Think “Netflix for Fitness.” The soon-to-be-released app feeds off the Booya Fitness website and offers offline syncing similar to how Spotify allows you to listen to your playlists without being connected to Wi-Fi. You can workout mostly anywhere when using the app and for many of the workouts, you don’t need equipment. The other perk is that many of the workouts are under 35 minutes so you could slip it in at various times during the day. Booya has partnered with a variety of popular boutique fitness brands in order ensure you never feel bored and that there’s always a workout for the mood you’re in that day. *Booya is not available for download yet but is expected to be within a week.

Photography by Lauren Crew.