America Ferrera welcomed her first child this week, so it's official now—every single Traveling Pants cast member has entered the sisterhood of motherhood.

"When 2 become 3...," Ferrera captioned an instagram post featuring her new son's little foot. "Welcome Sebastian Piers Williams - aka Baz!"

Ferrera, who welcomes little Sebastian with husband Ryan Piers Williams, will have plenty of support as Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn have one kiddo each, and Blake Lively shares two daughters with Ryan Reynolds.

The four actresses have been close since shooting the first Traveling Pants movie in 2005, and while they don't see each other every day anymore, they've "gone on to celebrate weddings, babies — and keep in touch via group text," according to Us Weekly, who spoke to Amber Tamblyn about the foursome's bond.

Ferrera even included her cast mates in her official Instagram baby announcement, posting a pic with the other three women touching her belly back in January.

"Starting the New Year off with blessings from my Sisterhood. We've got work to do for the next generation," she wrote.

There is a chance the next generation might get some on-set playdates in the future. Rumors have been swirling for years about a possible third movie for the Traveling Pants franchise, and Alexis Bledel gave fans an update last month during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

"We just pitched a third movie," she told Jimmy Fallon. "I hope it comes together. It would be so great."

Ferrera has previously said she would be totally on board for such a project. "We would love to get paid to hang out with each other. That would be wonderful," she said during a 2015 appearance on the Meredith Vieira Show.

She went on to explain how the group's friendship has evolved as they've entered their 30s. "They are still three of my best friends and supporters," she told Vieira. "What's wonderful about these girls in my life is people expect girls and women to be competitive, and we made a decision to love and support each other off-screen and onscreen."

We all know how important it is for new moms to have a supportive circle, and it sounds like Ferrera definitely has one. We're sure she's going to be blowing up that group text with parenting questions over the next few weeks (and months and years).

Congrats to Ferrera!

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