It's a girl for Bekah Martinez!

She shocked Bachelor nation when she announced her pregnancy in September, and now Bekah and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, are settling into the shock that is new parenthood.

The couple's daughter arrived on February 2 via a water birth at the Natural Birth Center in Los Angeles.

"[W]e will never be the same. We are all as healthy and happy as can be," Martinez announced via Instagram.

At 23, Martinez is part of a new minority when it comes to motherhood. The average age of first-time mothers in America is now older than 26 (back in in 1970 it was 21, and in 2000 it was 24).

But Martinez isn't phased by her age, and didn't try to rush into marriage with Leonard, who she'd been dating for three months when she found out she was pregnant. She's happy and we're happy for her.

"I was just like, you know, I've wanted to be a mom my whole life. This is what I've always wanted and I don't care what the circumstances are, this is gonna work and this is my baby. That's how I've felt from the start," she told PureWow back in September.

"It's the one thing that I've known with certainty for so long," she said. "I've always felt sure that I want to be a mom."

And now she is one.

Congratulations, mama! You've got this!

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