As a new mom for the third time whose job involves cooking lots of tasty food, Daphne Oz has been an amazing advocate for not getting too hung up on “bouncing back” postpartum. But one thing she is bouncing straight back into? Enjoying life with her kids.

In the caption of her latest bikini selfie three months after welcoming baby Domenica, Oz makes such an important point about how achieving a “good headspace” should always be the top priority.

For her, that means enjoying time with her family on a recent beach vacation in a seriously cute Eberjay swimsuit. Because you know what’s better than having a perfect bikini body? Making memories with those you love.

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Even for Oz, learning to navigate “the way I want to celebrate with food and still celebrate my body at the same time” remains a work in progress—and that’s okay to admit, too.

This can be such a difficult balance for many of us: We want to feel strong and confident in our bodies—but we also might want to enjoy a piece of birthday cake or indulgent appetizer every now and then. So, honestly, it’s amazing to see Oz be so transparent about her experience.

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Adding that working on her next cookbook is causing her to consider how she wants to eat “long-term,” Oz says she’s ready to make a few changes.

“Right now, I’m 3 months postpartum and ready to go back to slow carb living as a way to reach a healthy weight and a good headspace,” she says.

Oz is a fan of so-called “slow” carbohydrates (typically those that rank lower on the glycemic index, like whole grains), but we appreciate that she’s talking about eating intentionally, not dieting. ?

Her self-portrait proves we mamas should celebrate our fourth-trimester bodies for all they’ve done for us and all they’re going to do.

As Oz has said before, that the best goal of all is “onwards and upwards.”

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