Summer is a favorite season for many, but being pregnant at this time of year isn't exactly a picnic.

The heat and humidity can have expecting mamas dreaming of January. Just ask Jinger Duggar Vuolo. Judging by her Instagram, she is not loving the temperatures in Texas this week.

We detect some sarcasm in her caption of a screenshot of her local weather: "The perks of summer pregnancy ☀️".

We feel you Jinger. Being pregnant in the summer can be tough (and can make the heat feel so much hotter), but when we look on the bright side, there's a lot to love about expecting at this time of year.

It's sandal weather

According to the Mayo Clinic (and my pregnancy camera roll full of swollen feet selfies) foot and ankle swelling is common in pregnancy. The good thing about being pregnant in the summer is, you don't have to stuff your swollen feet into tight shoes or boots.

At this time of year, no one is going to bat an eye when you show up in flip-flops, or, if you want to get fancy, a roomy slide.
The Mayo Clinic also recommends walking in pools to relieve foot swelling in pregnancy, so kick off your flip-flops and take a dip when you can, mama.

While mild foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy is normal, sudden swelling that is painful (especially if it's in just one leg) can be serious and a sign of blood clots. If that happens, skip the pool walking and head straight to a doctor.

Bump-friendly summer styles

Footwear isn't the only part of a summer wardrobe that can feel freeing for a pregnant mama. This time of year is perfect for another summer staple that isn't technically maternity wear but might as well be: The maxi-dress.

During my pregnant summer, I lived in long, stretchy maxi-dresses. I looked cute and they were as comfy as my pajamas. A good maxi-dress (or five) is a must-have for any mama bumping through the summer months.

Beach days

As long as you've got some hydrating drinks on hand, access to shade and plenty of sunscreen, a pregnant mama can still enjoy a day at the beach. There's nothing more beautiful than a beach bump and it's a nice way to destress. Hitting your local beach for a few hours is a thrifty, staycation alternative to a tropical "babymoon" trip.

Ice cream

Yes, ice cream cravings during pregnancy are a cliché, but when it's 110 degrees, there's no shame in being unoriginal. And with Target offering up new unicorn ice cream and Museum of Ice Cream flavors this summer, an ice cream craving is the perfect excuse for a run to Target. You can enjoy that glorious, in-store air conditioning and maybe pick up a new maxi-dress while you're there.

Told you there's an upside to a summer pregnancy! Someone get Jinger some ice cream ASAP!

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