For the past 20 years, nearly everything Justin Timberlake has touched seemed to turn to gold. But don’t worry about it all going to JT’s head: Thanks to his 2-year-old son, Silas, Timberlake says he is constantly humbled.

“I’ve never felt more inept my life. You wake up and all of a sudden there’s this human being you’re responsible for,” Timberlake says in a new interview on Beats 1. “I feel like the success of parenthood is feeling like I failed all day today, but I get to wake up tomorrow and do it again… and hopefully they turn out to be a good human being.”

As challenging as it is, Timberlake says being a dad is the best gig in his life—which is why he’s eager to expand his family with wife Jessica Biel.

“I want to have as many kids as we can, if I’m being honest,” Timberlake says.

With Silas already running the house in Timberlake’s words, he figures it won’t be as complicated to add another kiddo to the mix. Now that he and Biel are parents, their lives have already changed dramatically—so why not go all-in?

“Everybody tells you that your life is going to change and you’re like, ‘Whatever, I got it,’” Timberlake says. “When we have a night off and we get into bed and we sit down and watch a movie or something, we’re like, ‘What did we do before this? Did we go out to dinner? Were we at a bar? What did we do before this?’”

That’s an echo of what Biel said about parenthood during an interview with Marie Claire last summer.

“These little people come around, and they require so much, and your schedule is really not your own… and it’s very clear that it’s your life now revolving around this dude,” Biel said. “I’m not that person who feels like, ‘Oh, my whole life changes for my kid, but it does.’”

While Silas seems to be at the center of their lives, both Timberlake and Biel made it clear they made a point not to let their relationship slide from focus.

“We have similar values; we believe in loyalty, honesty. We like to have fun. We like a lot of the same things,” Biel said. “Also, in the business, we’re all very career-oriented, and you have to be a little selfish... If you can find that and someone who shares the same values as you, it’s like: Score!”