Pregnancy has been a tough journey for Amy Schumer as she's suffered pretty much daily bouts of vomiting thanks to hyperemesis gravidarum, also known as HG.

But she's nearly due now and coming into the home stretch Schumer is feeling pretty good, and celebrated by showing off her bump (including the belly button she taped down during her recent Netflix special).

"Feeling strong and beautiful today," Schumer captioned her bump selfie, which she hashtagged "#didntpuke."

As Schumer nears the end of her pregnancy she's feeling strong in some ways, but as many pregnant women can relate to, the third trimester also has a way of making things that were once easy very hard.

In an Instagram video demonstrating how to put on a sock while pregnant, Schumer hilariously showed her IG followers how little things can become big problems when you approach your due date.

"When you're pregnant, like I am, and you wanna put your socks on, it's easy. First, the left foot, okay a little discomfort but not really a problem ... then the right foot," Schumer jokes in the video. "You just, it's easy. You put your toe in and then you try it from behind. You hook your toe then you just kind of slowly will the sock up your foot. And that's pregnant!"

Schumer proves that being pregnant can make a mama feel strong, beautiful and uncomfortable all at the same time. It is totally possible to be both amazed at how hard it is to put on socks and amazed at your body's incredible strength.

Just like motherhood, pregnancy can be hard and easy (sometimes even both at the same time).

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