It was a big week for the Cambridge kids as Prince George went back to school and, for the first time, his younger sister was with him.

The two attend Thomas's Battersea, an exclusive school in in southwest London where Kindergarten tuition usually costs about $24,000 in US dollars. Luckily for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge parents get a discount on younger kids' tuition if an older sibling is already enrolled. Since Prince George has been at Thomas's Battersea since 2017, Charlotte's school fees are lower than his.

The Cambridges celebrated this big day by sharing some photos and video on their official Instagram account, @KensingonRoyal.

Princess Charlotte makes her first school entrance

Like her older brother, Princess Charlotte was dressed in the school's prim and proper blue and red uniforms and carried the standard Thomas's Battersea backpack (but if you look closely you can see Princess Charlotte's backpack is accessorized with a blingy sequin unicorn keychain—which is going to come in handy in a school where everyone's got the same backpack).

The school's headteacher, Helen Haslem, met the family and greeted Charlotte with a handshake in a scene that was reminiscent of Prince George's first day two years ago.

A look back at Prince George's first day of school

When Prince George made his first entrance to Thomas's Battersea in 2017, there were two fewer royals in the frame. Princess Charlotte was still way too young and the Duchess of Cambridge was unable to attend her son's first drop off because she was pregnant with Prince Louis and super sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) —a severe form of morning sickness .

We really felt for Kate because she had previously stated publicly that she was looking forward to the experience of going with Prince George and dropping him off at his first day of school (like most moms of kindergarteners).

It was really unfortunate that she wasn't able to attend that day, but it makes this year's school entrance even more special.

Four royals, one big day

With the exception of little Prince Louis (who likely wouldn't have had much fun anyway) all the Cambridge royals were united for Princess Charlotte's big day.

According to the BBC, Prince William drove the four of them to the school (which is nice, they got to have some private family moments without a driver).

When the family entered the school Prince William said: "First day—she's very excited."

Kate's smile suggests she's very excited, too, and we are very excited for both of them.

Congrats to Princess Charlotte and all the other 4 and 5-year-olds starting school this term!

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