Some days it seems like the list of pregnancy “Don'ts" never ending, especially when it comes to our beauty routine . And when we're pregnant, well, that's when it feels like we need it most, right? Just please don't tell us we have to do without manicures. Please!

Luckily, in the past few years, some forward-thinking nail polish brands have been working hard to eliminate the most toxic of chemicals in their products, and making them safe for you and your growing baby. These nail polishes are called “5-Free" because they are made without the 5 ingredients that can be harmful: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

Right, can you believe there is straight up FORMALDEHYDE in nail polishes? When I hear formaldehyde, I think of some old-timey murder mystery where the rich heiress suddenly drops dead and come to find out that DUN-DUN-DUN she was poisoned with formaldehyde. It makes sense--sometimes I get a major headache when I am applying nail polish, don't you?

In order to avoid a similar fate, here are 5 of our favorite nail polish brands that are also 5-Free.

1. Trust Fund Beauty's polishes are quick-drying, long wearing, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and ethically produced. They are actually 7-Free since they are also free of parabens and xylene as well as the original 5-Free. $12. Buy it now.

2. tenoverten is a relatively new brand that is quickly establishing itself as a frontrunner in the nail industry. Their two New York salons are a lovely oasis and you can purchase their line after you've had a relaxing manicure. $18. Buy it now.

3. Dr.'s Remedy is a podiatrist formulated line that was specifically made to be a healthy and gentle alternative to other nail care brands. Their products are made of garlic bulb extract, tea tree oil, wheat protein, and vitamins C and E. $17. Buy it here.

4. Lauren B. Beauty has a beautiful line of jewel-toned polishes inspired by the richness of the landscape of Southern California. They're fast-drying, eco-friendly, and long wearing. $18. Buy it here.

5. JinSoon has been committed to developing their products as 5-Free from the very beginning, and their high gloss lacquers are long lasting and chip-resistant. Their highly pigmented polishes look beautiful after one coat, so you're saving in the long run as well. $18. Buy it here.