I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’m just going to get it out in the open—because I feel it often, too much sometimes. And I know many of us do, too.

We hear it (or read it) almost every day on social media: “Do what’s best for you mama!! Do what’s going to make you the happiest!”

I love that we are supporting each other, trust me, I do.

But I do want to be clear about something that A LOT of us working moms AND stay at home moms feel and are going through…

I didn’t have a choice.

Many of us simply just don’t have a choice.

I HAVE to work.

And you know what? There are MANY stay-at-home moms that also — DO NOT have a choice.

It’s a hot topic in the mommy world. Sifting through the pros and cons, thinking back and forth, contemplating whether to stay home or keep a career they’ve worked so hard for. I’m not saying if I had the choice I would choose the opposite. And I’m not saying my husband doesn’t work hard for our family, because my goodness that man does all he can for us.

But for many of us? The truth is: we didn’t get to decide.

It simply wasn’t something we could contemplate, or figure out “what would be best for us.” For me, and so many other working moms, we HAVE to work because we are half of the income, maybe even more.

For the stay at home mamas, many also didn’t have the choice, because it’s not feasible for them to work outside of the home or drive the long trek to get there or pay for the cost of daycare for all of their babies.

I know we are encouraging each other. I know we’re trying to brighten another exhausted mama’s day, whether they stay at home or work. I know we’re just trying to give as much support as we can because we TRULY want the sweet moms we know and love to be happy in how they’re providing for their families.

But I also want us to know that a good percentage of us just didn’t have the choice. And although we didn’t have a choice, we’re hustling our butts off to do what we can to be content and fulfilled in what we have to do.

Big hugs to you, mamas, in whatever you have to do to make this motherhood thing work in your family. You’re doing great!

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