In today’s day and age, photos are a dime a dozen. All those beautiful images that mark our milestones (and our children’s!) are gone faster than the scroll of a finger across an Instagram feed. But, an that’s a keepsake. The right artist can capture so much more than just a moment in time--she can capture depth, character and emotion.

Talia Handler is one of those artists. Trained in children’s clothing design at Parson’s School of Design, Handler has collaborated with some of our fave brands in the biz, including Babiekins Magazine, Appaman and Gardner and the Gang. But it was her drawing of NYC kiddos that has captured the attention of all the fashionable moms we know. Her distinctive style--layers of pencil or ballpoint pen below a paint mixture of watercolors and gauche--is whimsical, magical and nursery-perfect.

We’re lucky enough to have had Talia draw our own kiddos (check them out above), and luckier still that she’s contributing to WRNY with some of her exclusive illustrations. But this week, you’re lucky too...Talia is fulfilling the nursery crush of one lucky Well Rounded NY reader! Instagram a shot of your baby, toddler, big kid or even your beautiful pregnant self (can you imagine a more beautiful backdrop behind baby’s crib?), and follow and tag @wellroundedny and @taliahandlerart with the hashtag #WRNYDrawMe. No Instagram? No worries. Comment below for entry. We’ll pick one of you gorgeous people next Monday, Aug. 4.