If you've spent any time on Pinterest oggling nurseries, there's a good chance you've pinned more than a few of Sissy + Marley's creations. With their impeccable taste and urban sensability, this mother-daughter trio of children's interior designers -- Diana Rice, Chelsea Reale and Rachel Geisler -- are a city mom's dream.

So it was only a matter of time before the baby experts at giggle collaborated with Sissy + Marley to add custom design services to its smartly curated offerings for nursery. Throw in Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek wallpaper--a new category for giggle--and, well, we're heading home to make a baby, stat.

We recently stopped by the Soho giggle store to check out Sissy + Marley's sophisticated and whimsical (and totally shoppable!) nursery replica, and chatted with Chelsea about creating drool-worthy spaces for NYC's most stylish parents. Get a glimpse of the collab below (or in the Soho or Upper East Side giggle stores), then read on for Sissy + Marley's 5 best tips for small space nurseries.

Why are Sissy + Marley and giggle such a great fit for a collaboration?

We are both passionate about good nursery design and being in the business of making magic happen for expectant parents.

How does NYC influence your design and aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is modern and functional while still achieving a dreamy space that oozes character, much like the city we live in.

How do you balance utility and decor when you are creating a nursery space?

Having kids of our own helps us to see design through their eyes, what excites them and what works in reality. In the end it has to look good, feel good and make sense functionally.

What are some of your absolute fave pieces for urban (i.e. small) baby spaces?

Working in NYC, we have the challenge of designing many small spaces. We look for pieces that are practical and functional with a petite footprint. Our go-to pieces for micro spaces are: Monte Joya or Eames Rocker, Stokke Sleepi Crib, Oeuf dresser/changers and Sheepskin rugs. Every small space needs some gorgeous accessories to make it feel special.

What's your best tips for nursery design in small spaces?

  1. Less is more. Trying to squeeze to many pieces in a tight space leaves little room for your growing child to play and makes the space feel smaller.
  2. Clear the clutter. Good storage is key to any kids space. A place for everything makes clean up quick and easy.
  3. Size is key. Choosing pieces with a small foot print is key to fitting in the necessary pieces.
  4. Keep it light. You can never go wrong with white walls especially in small spaces.
  5. Make it special. Filling the room with gorgeous goodies makes any space (big or small) feel special. It's all in the details.