At its best, social media gives us a chance to connect with other mamas and realize we're not alone.

Sometimes that comes in the form of a post from a friend sharing her struggle with the day-to-day demands of motherhood. Other times, you see a spot-on post from a celebrity... and instantly you realize that motherhood unites us all.

These 8 relatable Instagram posts by celebrity mamas did just that in 2019:

Hilary Duff's refreshingly honest thoughts on breastfeeding

Mama of two (and newlywed!) Hilary Duff always keeps it real when it comes to her mama reality. From sharing footage of her home birth to admitting what we all think ( "pregnancy is hard" ), the mama has earned our applause time and time again. But our favorite moment came when Hilary posted about her decision to stop breastfeeding . The actress' post touched on the difficulties of navigating working motherhood, the stress of dealing with a dwindling supply, and the way we as mothers beat ourselves up when we should be proud of our accomplishments.

Ali Wong serves #momlife realness

Think back to your pre-baby life. Remember how weekends were all about relaxation and fun? You'd order takeout, enjoy a Netflix binge, maybe go out for drinks… a weekend used to offer a much-needed break after a long week. Once you become a mom? That changes— just ask Ali Wong . The comedian posted a so-real-it-hurts Instagram post about this very thing. We feel it so hard.

Chrissy Teigen understands why moms aren't in more photos

You didn't think we'd roundup social media moments without mentioning Chrissy Teigen, did you? She's arguably the queen of sharing hilarious, no-holds-barred looks at her life as a mom of two. But one moment from the model truly stood out this year. Chrissy posted a Instagram shot of herself with her firstborn, Luna—but it's the caption that's super relatable. In it. Chrissy calls out the fact that moms rarely appear in family photos because they're always the ones taking them. So, so true!

Amy Schumer's Instagram post perfectly captures so many mama's feelings

If you've ever been on maternity leave, you know how wild that time feels. The days feel endless, but your leave itself feels incredibly short. And while you may think you'll feel one way when your leave comes to an end, you may surprise yourself—especially because it can be an incredibly bittersweet thing. Amy Schumer touched on that in an extremely relatable Instagram post. "I love him so much it hurts," she writes. "Im feeling strong and good and like I'm still a human being with interests and ambitions and goals I'm excited to reach. It's felt good to be back at work."

Shay Mitchell's iconic + viral breastfeeding photo

Last year, Rachel McAdams had one of the best viral moments in motherhood when she posed with a breast pump. This year, new mama Shay Mitchell took inspiration from that iconic shoot and made it her own.

Michell posted her own a gorgeous nursing photo and she captioned "Breast friends."

The pun is intended and Shay obviously intended to normalize breastfeeding. And it. Was. Epic.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno's refreshing body positivity

More often than not, pregnancy will change your body forever. That's just how it is—and it's not a bad thing. Ali Fedotowsky-Manno recently shared an unfiltered look at her postpartum belly. She wrote that she works out, eats a healthy diet and drinks a lot of water—not because she wants to look a certain way, but because she wants to set the right example for her children and be healthy to watch them grow. "Today, I'm a so dang proud of this body of mine," she added. "And I vow to try to treat it better both physically and mentally for my children, and for my husband (because they need me), but most importantly for me."

Jennifer Garner's epic Instagram love note

Have you ever felt your kids don't think you're... well, fun? If so, Jennifer Garner is right there with you .

The actress posted an Instagram photo of a note from her daughter this year. It's hilarious and oh-so relatable. The note reads "When I grow up I want to be a fun-killing mom, just like you!"

The thing is, Garner actually is a pretty fun mom ( if you've heard about her annual Yes Day , you'll understand). That's what makes this note so funny.

Gabrielle Union-Wade was every new mom with this Instagram post

Motherhood is heart-bursting joy, but it's also hard and scary and incredibly overwhelming—especially in the first year. Gabrielle Union absolutely nailed those big feelings in a recent Instagram post. She revealed all the things she feared as a new mother (burping the baby, putting the baby to sleep, failing at motherhood... the list continues). And we all know exactly what she means in this honest, beautiful post.