This week, we’ve partnered up with our friends at the Earth’s Best® brand to show you what a perfect little day trip to our beloved Brooklyn Bridge looks like when we’re Out and About with our kiddos. Today, our story unfolds as a few more friends join in the fun -- and refueling.

There are so many different pieces to Brooklyn Bridge Park, like Pier 6 where you’ll find sprinklers during the summer, the always gorgeous Jane’s Carousel, which is open in the fall from 11 AM to 6 PM Thursday through Sunday, and of course, the Main Street playground. But with a handful of little ones running loose, we decided to keep things simple and stick around Pier 1 for as long as possible. It’s the perfect size area to keep your eyes on your toddler from wherever you’re standing. Plus the playground is gated making it impossible for even the most slippery kid to make a run for it.

Secret Garden

We love a safe playground filled with swings, slides and everything else a toddler could possibly ask for. But sometimes the best toys are just trees and dirt. It didn’t take long for the toddlers to discover a perfect little patch of nature right next to Pier 1.

Nicely Packaged

Kids can somehow make us justify snack-time at any point throughout the day (I guess, I can relate). An Earth’s Best Organic® pouch is a convenient on-the-go snack. But make sure to pack Earth’s Best® baby wipes to clean off little hands before they reach for a pouch. Since they’re chlorine free, we don’t mind giving our little ones’ fingers a good scrub-down before mealtime.

Slowing Down

While toddlers keep us on our toes, younger babies -- as busy as they keep us -- have a beautiful way of reminding us to slow down. Supermama Courtney, who is pregnant with her second, took a moment out of our whirlwind of a morning to sit back, take a breath and feed her cutie pie, Jameson. He’s really getting the hang of that spoon!

Mama Tip:

For curious babies, introducing purées can mean introducing utensils too. When on the go, bring along an extra spoon so your babe can feel part of the eating action...even if his spoon never touches the jar.

Flavor Enjoyment

Just because your baby’s eating on the go doesn’t mean his mama can’t stick with healthy, natural and organic products. Jameson’s enjoying Earth’s Best Organic® Vegetable Turkey Dinner in a jar which, like all Earth’s Best Organic® brand products, is certified USDA organic meaning no growth hormones or antibiotics, or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides.

Join us tomorrow when we meet up with the other half of Well Rounded NY (and her toddler) at one of our favorite local Williamsburg stops. And if you’re wondering how we got here, check out how we packed up, caught the ferry and made our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We want to hear where you like to take your favorite day trip in your hometown. Leave a comment below, or better yet, instagram a photo of you and your little one and hashtag #outandaboutwithEB and @wellroundedny @earthsbest.

Photography by Evan Gubernick of 485 Creative.

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