We are on month 11 of the pandemic (here comes our baby's first birthday, ugh) and somehow it's only dawning on me that I should be updating my email signature to reflect the level of burnout and how spread thin I am, as a working mom of three under 3. I used to be so so so so so proud of my inbox 0 email, which is now, to be very honest, a dumpster fire of unread ones, must reply ones that keep getting pushed to next week and half-written replies.

Thankfully, some have been smarter than me and have been doing this already.

Mom of two Liz Teich, also known on Instagram as The New York Stylist, shared her email signature in her IG stories and it was highly relatable. Teich's story encouraged moms to go easy on themselves and also set a realistic email signature.

Hers is "I'm a mom in a pandemic and will be delated in responding to my emails. Thank you for understanding."

Me being me, I took to Twitter for reassurance and also more inspo on what mine should be. And of course, the tweets did not disappoint.

Here are the best pandemic email signatures: