So you thought your party days were over when you got pregnant, huh? Turns out once you get pregnant there’s a party for everything, starting with the baby shower. And now that you’re bringing a brand new human into the world, what better time is there to be aware of your eco footprint on earth? Every year, hundreds of billions of disposable tableware items are discarded, and you do not want to be a part of that. Thankfully the Brooklyn-based sustainable party tableware business Susty Party, founded by Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holsey, makes disposable (and compostable) goods that will bring style to every fete you have on your horizon.

Here they prove it’s possible to throw a green party with style.

What are some things people can do to ensure an eco celebration? What are the no no's?

Choose reusable tableware if possible, but when quantity/location/price make disposable goods your best bet, be sure to pick compostable products. Rather than adding to the landfill with styrofoam or plastic plates, cups and bowls, choose alternatives that can return to the earth instead. Also be sure to clearly label your waste bins. One of the worst eco-blusters is to buy compostable products but then fail to dispose of them properly. Be sure to have containers for trash, recycling and compost. To eliminate confusion for your guests, make signs that clearly inform which bins are for what!

Can stylish and eco really be put in the same sentence when talking about parties?

If you've ever been to a Susty Party, you know the answer is yes. A few years ago though, it was much more difficult. Compostable tableware used to be limited to white or tan and had a very industrial look. Our bright colors and fun patterns are evidence of a revolution in the eco-friendly party world, as it becomes more and more mainstream to consider sustainability when throwing an event.

Do you ladies have a favorite project you do with leftover party goods?

We love this DIY Straw Wreath. We made it for Christmas, but it would be the perfection decoration for so many different holidays! Picture pink, green and yellow straws for Easter, red and blue for July 4th, orange and black for Halloween. The options are endless! We also can't get enough of this DIY Straw Cake Topper. Cake toppers are all over Pinterest these days and this Susty version is made especially cute with our striped straws.

What are some of your favorite party trends you're seeing for spring? Color schemes?

We're obsessed with our new yellow and gray line for spring. The gray is unexpected, but our star print makes it playful and whimsical, yet sophisticated. The yellow products are also perfect to mix and match with so many other colors for easy entertaining. One of our favorite party trends is the build-your-own-blank bar. With spring around the corner, we cannot wait to throw rooftop brunch parties. We've got big plans for brunch bars -- picture mimosa bars, waffle bars, cereal bars, parfait bars.

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