The first year of your baby’s life will fly by faster than you can imagine. One second you’re holding a newborn in your arms at the hospital and the next they’re taking their first steps. This leaves us wishing we could freeze time and just keep them forever in that one moment.

Luckily, through photography, we can capture those moments and revisit them to remember those special feelings and that fleeting stage. (And while they’re totally adorable on their own, we’re also not opposed to Instagrammable props!) It’s the closest thing we have to a time machine. So grab your cameras, grab your cell phones, and capture those memories!

30 of our favorite baby picture ideas

Photographing baby’s firsts

The first year is full of photo-worthy developments, from smiles to steps. Here are just a few that you’ll want to make sure you preserve.

1. First smiles

baby smiling, an essential baby picture idea

2. First foods

baby being fed orange puree with a blue spoon, a must-capture baby photo

3. First steps

4. First holidays

photograph of baby's first holiday season

5. First tooth

Baby family photo ideas

Family photos offer an intimate window into baby’s developing relationships, so it’s worth the effort to capture these moments.

6. Baby + mama

image 6219
Eileen K Photography

7. Baby + daddy

image 6220
Simply Picturesque Photography

8. Baby + siblings

image 6221
Claire Falco Creative

9. Group family photo

Baby milestone pictures

Babies change quickly! Preserve developmental milestones like those first precious steps with these ideas:

10. Rolling over

11. Sitting up

image 6222

12. Crawling

image 6223

13. Cruising furniture

14. Learning to walk

image 6224
Red Boat Photography

Photographing baby’s everyday

Milestones are exciting, but you’ll also want to remember the more ordinary moments that make up baby’s everyday.

15. In their crib

image 6225
Eileen K Photography

16. Tiny feet

image 6226
Simply Picturesque Photography

17. Sweet baby yawns

image 6227
Eileen K Photography

18. Sleeping

19. A diaper change

image 6228
The Luxe Mom

20. Swaddled up

image 6229
Heather Mohr Photography

21. Laughs and giggles

image 6230

22. Tummy time

image 6231

23. Play time

24. Doctors visits

25. Bath time

image 6232

Month by month baby photos

Taking monthly baby pictures is a fun, simple way to document your little one’s growth. Here are some of our favorite ways to memorialize these moments:

26. Milestone blankets

image 6233

27. Monthly stickers

image 6234
Lucy Darling

28. Milestone cards

image 6235

29. Calendar photo

30. Creative numbers

A version of this story was originally published on May 10, 2018. It has been updated.