New York-area photographer Lauren Kamenitz is a family documentary photographer who has a special focus: Taking the shiny veneer off of family photos, showing you a realistic view into just how gorgeous our ordinary moments really are.

In one shoot in particular, working mama Danielle contacted Lauren to take photos of their family life and, Lauren shares, "husband Edmond, who stays home with the kids during the day, was also 100% on board and ready to go!"

"Edmond immediately let me know that he wanted to get it all documented," Lauren says. "All the nitty, gritty, messy, three boys—one who has been diagnosed with autism; wild, bouncing moments of their morning. He expressed to me that while it's happening it all seems to stressful, but when you look back on it, it's pretty funny." Danielle writes about her experience as a working mom to her autistic son on her blog.

"This family was inspirational," says Lauren. "They handled their three boys and their different needs with strength and beauty. There were routines and signals and it was just amazing to be a part of."

And it's a beautiful thing to get a peek into.

Lauren said, "I feel very lucky that I was able to meet this family and show the world that no matter how routine life seems today, there's always something worth photographing! One morning hour in the life of Danielle, Edmond and their boys included waking up, breakfast, iPads, dancing and trampoline time. In other words, it's things we all do every morning, but this is how they do it and it is magnificent."