You could argue that a maternity brand isn’t really a maternity brand until there’s a fall collection. After all, spring and summer pregnancies are practically made for maxi dresses. Fall, on the other hand, requires fit and fashion; as the temperature drops, it becomes more difficult to get away with non-maternity clothes.

And even though Fourth Love’s Spring 2013 debut was a hit, it’s the brand’s fall collection that will earn it a permanent place in the maternity market. Founder Susan Cho’s sophomore effort is filled with beautiful silhouettes that are both cozy and chic, and daring designs like a leopard print poncho and faux leather leggings. The collection features rich tones like gold and rose, and thoughtful details like flowing pleats and contrast piping.

Fourth Love is perfectly at home on the streets of NYC, but, says Cho, every item is meant to be accessible and easy to wear. “I hope Fourth Love is not seen as aspirational but inspirational,” she says. “We styled all of our fall clothes with items that you will most likely already have it in your closet: a classic pair of boots, a basic scarf, a clean necklace and a beanie hat. Our looks are attainable.”

Even better, most of the fall collection would look great even without a belly. And since all of Fourth Love’s pieces are produced domestically, and the company gives back to social causes that help underprivileged babies and kids, you can feel good about what you’re wearing in more ways than one.

Below, Cho points us to Pinterest, where we can find some of her favorite Fourth Love fall looks, and the inspiration behind her designs. And read on for an exclusive discount for Well Rounded NY readers!

  • We redesigned our perfect blouse which no longer has bubble shape, and comes in both polyblend and washed silk fabric for ease of care.
  • The original vee-neck top from spring is really now a vee-neck dress. The faux leather updates the neckline for a sporty chic look. It's my personal favorite.
  • I think every expectant woman should have a leather pants this season. It dresses you up instantly.
  • My son has speech-delay and learned his first words through this book. He really motivates and inspires me to do more.
  • I think nature and its simplicity inspires all. Fall has a warmth but crispiness to it, just like in this picture.
  • Leather was important to our fall collection. I love this sweater from Elizabeth & James.
  • I have no idea where this came from, but I ran into this pin a while ago. It looks so comfortable!
  • I love Olivia Palermo's style.
  • And I always look at at a classic photo to remind myself (especially when I am confused) that it's never a mistake to reach for something that looks basic and classic.

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