There's no time like pregnancy to develop a regular practice of selfies--capturing your own growing belly can be something of a sport. But when you're a professional photographer… well, that just ups the ante. Especially when you're a family photographer, whose day-to-day often includes shooting moms and moms-to-be.

When we found out that one of our very favorite NYC photographers Lindsey Belle had Baby #2 on the way, we just had to put her up to the challenge. So we teamed up with our friends at HATCH Collection and asked Lindsey to turn the lens around on herself, her 3-year-old daughter Stella, and her Baby Boy on the way.

Get a glimpse of Lindsey's pregnancy self-portraits below, and find out what she and Stella think about fashion, life in NYC and the baby en route.

Why is NYC such a fun place to live with (or as) a kid?

Lindsey: NYC is such an exciting place to live. Kids are exposed to so much here and everything is so convenient. We are so close to everything, and it is so easy to get groceries, go to restaurants, visit museums, go on playdates, go to parks, etc. I feel very lucky that everything is so accessible. It's neat to see Stella so used to the subway and to exploring the city and being adventurous.

Stella: Because I love NYC.

What's your favorite spot to spend the day with your family in the city?

Lindsey: Definitely the zoo. We love the Central Park Zoo and go there almost once a week. Stella loves animals!

Stella: Restaurants. And the zoo.

What are you most looking forward to about having another baby in the house?

Lindsey: I am most looking forward to seeing them interact. Stella is so excited to be a big sister and to play with him. It's going to be surreal for me to see them together! I am really excited!

Stella: Hugging him. Kissing him. Loving him and sharing toys with him. (And then she ran over and gave my tummy a big kiss!)

What's been your very favorite thing to wear lately?

Lindsey: I have only been wearing HATCH Collection recently. It is so beautiful and so comfortable. I wore a lot of tight things when I was pregnant with Stella, but this time around I really love the loose-fitting clothes. It's so much easier to run around after Stella when I am feeling comfortable. And HATCH's clothes are so comfortable and stylish that I feel great in them.

Stella: Animal clothes! My favorites are my tigers, elephants, peacocks and monkeys.

What's your favorite way to bond with the baby?

Lindsey: Seeing Stella kiss and sing to the baby makes me feel so happy. She is constantly hugging my tummy and saying how excited she is. Seeing her so excited makes me feel so connected to the little guy.

Stella: I sing to the baby! And I kiss him a lot.

What's one thing you can't wait to show or teach the new baby once here's here?

Lindsey: I can't wait to take him to the zoo. I am sure Stella will be even more excited to introduce him to all of the animals! I also can't even wait for him to see Stella and our dog, Gizmo.

Stella: I can't wait to read him a book. I will teach him not to eat candy because it's not good for you. I will show him my toys.

Photography by Lindsey Belle.

Lindsey is wearing these HATCH Collection styles (from top down):

Black long sleeve tee // Alfie Jacket // Daphne pant

Cecile sweater // Daphne pant

Flannel // Daphne pant

Cashmere Onesie // Long sleeve body henley

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