Pregnancy cravings are *real* and sometimes soon-to-be-mamas just deserve to indulge in their favorite foods before baby arrives. After birth, parents also have to find a quick and easy way to eat while adjusting to a newborn’s sleep and feeding schedule.

To add to your must-have items on your baby registries, Domino’s is taking delivery to a whole new level—offering a pizza-inspired registry powered by Gugu Guru at

As of Nov. 29, parents-to-be can ask for pregnancy-themed Domino's gift cards values from $5-$100 to get their pizza fix. "There's nothing more exciting— and exhausting—than welcoming a new member to the family," says Meenakshi Nagarajan, Domino's director of digital marketing. This comes just nine months after launching their wedding registry.

A few of our favorites themes from the bundles:

  • Sleeping Through the Night - Trust us. It’s a reason to celebrate.
  • Hormonal and Hangry - The struggle is real
  • Newborn Lockdown - Dinner delivered. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Gender Reveal - Either is worth a celebration.
  • Dadchelor Party - This is happening.

And, if you’re a serious pizza-loving couple, there’s swag, clothing and even party favors from various Etsy stores to choose from:

If you have everything from your traditional registry checked off, but friends and family want to share a little extra love before or after birth, these make great options. Soon-to-be-moms can create their unique registry, add their favorite pizza items to it, and share so you can spoil your new little slice!