Emoji reference site Emojipedia released its latest "draft emoji list" full of suggested new designs to include later this year in honor of World Emoji Day on Saturday. This latest batch of emoji suggestions hopes to reflect inclusivity around pregnancy—because it's not just women who are able to carry a child and give birth.

Featured in the final version of the Unicode 14.0 emoji drafts are the Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person emoji. Emojipedia states that they "recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people.

If finalized permanently, these additions would be available in addition to the Pregnant Woman emoji ( ).

The emoji finalist list also features gender-inclusive alternatives to the existing emojis for "prince" and "princess," 15 different skin tone combinations for each of the hand emojis, and a handful of new smiley face emojis, including one called "melting face."

It's important to remember that inclusivity of other genders does not mean that women are less of a recognized gender. Recognizing trans and non-binary pregnancies doesn't take away anything from pregnant women or mothers. We are all parents who deserve equal recognition for the miracle of pregnancy, childbirth and raising our kids. Think of how many kids see and use emojis all the time—seeing trans and non-binary pregnancies this way normalizes them and, on one level, teaches kids acceptance.

The new emojis could be available as soon as September!