We get it. Between the diapers, feedings, and your very long

to-do list, the last thing you want to worry about is makeup. But you deserve a

few minutes a day to feel like your best “you!” Check out the tips below and

share with us your go-to quick makeup routines in the comments.

1. Quick Conceal

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Give yourself a clean palette in five easy steps. Maybe tomorrow

you can grab another few minutes to add a little blush or teach yourself some contouring techniques?

2. Just the eyes

How about just focusing on your eyes today? Practice your

eyebrow technique, pick an eye shadow that compliments your outfit, and top it off

with some mascara – maybe even false eyelashes! The eyes are the windows to the

soul, of course, so why not add a pretty window treatment?

3. Pucker up

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Just do it. Treat yourself to a ridiculously expensive

lipstick and just wear it around the house. But before you take such a

beautiful (and pricey) leap, look into what will your most complimentary shade.

You’ll find plenty of lipstick

quizzes online, as well as articles

and suggestions on colors. Even better, most high-end makeup counters at your

local department store will have professional makeup artists on-hand to give

you a mini makeover and try out different shades. Make a day of it and have a

mama/baby day out – beautify with baby!

4. 15 minutes to a new face

This makeup

mama has a YouTube

page with lots of tutorials, but this

video is specifically for moms on the go. The eyebrows and contouring may

be a challenge for those of us who aren’t used to wearing makeup regularly, but

there are some great tips for a quick, beautiful look.

5. Dark circles under your eyes?


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When all else fails, glitter.