The life of a mom involves things in your day that your pre-baby self never could have imagined, no matter where you live in the world. Crushed up cheerios at the bottom of your bag are not just a cliché, and they happen from New York City to Sydney and everywhere in between. Truth be told, I regularly check my hair for food because little baby hands always have residuals, but no one else has to know that except me--and now you.

With all these new challenges, your day to day style has to be as streamlined as possible. Picking that mom uniform you can turn to over and over again is a genius move to make you feel good and comfortable. It will also leave you more time to clean out that bag of yours.

Luckily there are moms all over the world to inspire you to find that streamlined style. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s what 5 mamas in cities around the world are wearing right now.

Which one of these is closest to your style?