When you're pregnant, you often wonder “Am I big?" “Am I small?" and, “Will I ever be able to tie my shoes again?"

Always tell your doctor and let her know how you're feeling—and as you grow, she'll measure your fundal height (the growth of your baby and uterus in centimeters)—but know that whatever you're going through is most likely normal.

Tiny bump? Big round bump? Every mama is different. And if you need a reminder: Every mama is beautiful. (That means you.)

Here's what #20weeks look like for the mamas of Instagram—

1/2 baked. #20weeks
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20 weeks 2days #20weekspregnant #20weeks #itsagirl #bumpie #march21st
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Half way there! #20weeks #banana
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Half way 😱 We found out there is a little baby boy in there💙💙 👶🏽 #BabyT #20weeks
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#20weeks #australiancattledog #mythreegirls #heelergram
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Half way there! Time is flying #20weeks
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