Sometimes trends, whether you’re looking for them or not, just hit you right in the face. You see one? Fluke. Two? You think “we’re getting somewhere.” By the third appearance, you know you’ll be seeing said trend all over the walls of H&M on your next visit (not that that’s a bad thing). I’ve been seeing pineapples for a bit now, but it was this Pinterest pin (above) that sent me searching for some more tropical loveliness. It's a perfect summer print (despite what the fall clothes entering stores are telling you, summer ain’t over yet). Oddly enough, pineapples also remind me of my grandma’s kitchen which was filled with fruit-shaped ceramics such as this when I was a kid. Unlike the plastic on her couches, I wonder where those fun pieces are now. Here are some more pineapple pieces I found for your enjoyment (but probably mostly mine). Like this this J. Crew swimsuit. And this fun iPhone case. I’d love to receive one of these fun Thank You cards from The Social Type. And nothing would be cuter than walking into a kitchen with a wall covered in this vintage 1940’s wallpaper. Hello porcelain pineapple. But don’t you really just want your pineapple on the obnoxious pina colada glass you only get on vacation? Or better yet like this?