While we love our great city, we also love looking to others for inspiration. Whether it's style, parenting skills or life balance, it's always good to get outside perspective. Especially when you can get it all in one place! The blog Shop Sweet Things for instance. So when we heard its founder, Jeanne Chan, was launching Lovemade, a new events company geared towards modern families, we couldn't wait to find out more. With her business partner Janette Crawford, Chan has created a place “to celebrate the special intersection between what adults love and what kids love," with events like a moms-to-be workshop and DIY Gift Wrapping (sign us up please!). “We create engaging events for design-conscious families at various stages, always valuing both community and style." Here's what else Chan had to say. Tell us more about the family events we'll see from Lovemade in the future. We're excited to curate experiences that kids and parents can enjoy together -- hands-on projects that adults would enjoy anyway, where we can naturally interject a kid-friendly component. And no need for a babysitter! For the holidays we're hosting an event making hand-stamped wrapping paper, and look out in the future for everything from modern piñata-making to cooking classes. How do you busy ladies find the time for Lovemade? Since both of us have other day jobs, we started Lovemade out of passion. We (do our best to) juggle Lovemade with our other careers during the week, weekends, and after our kiddos go to sleep. Sometimes this means conference calls at 10:30pm! How much influence did your children have in the idea for Lovemade? All of it! Lovemade events are events that we wish we'd been invited to by someone else -- things we want to do ourselves. We're also seeing a trend of modern parents trying to find activities where they can bond with their family in a meaningful way. So we want to offer options that are beyond just going to the park or your day-to-day playdates. Why was it important for the two of you to launch with a pregnancy event? We both reflected on how we felt as first-time moms and realized how worried we were about losing our sense of selves (and style) during and after pregnancy. But we didn't! So our first workshop was designed to give pregnant women confidence in that special time in life, helping them be intentional about how they decorate their homes and nurseries, and how they dress. Plus we were excited to build community among our 15 attendees, all like-minded and at the same stage. Learn more about Lovemade.