Contribute: Share your Motherly story

Every mother is an expert in something. Share your wisdom with us.

Contribute: Share your Motherly story

Every mother is an expert in something.

Perhaps you’re the go-to friend for encouragement during a difficult pregnancy, or you’ve gained the superwoman wisdom (and ninja skills) that only #twinmoms have.

Maybe you know *just* what kind of care package to deliver to a new mother to make her feel loved, or perhaps you’re a guru on getting your resume back in working order after a baby-led hiatus.

Whatever your expertise, Motherly wants to hear from you.

We are building a new kind of community for modern mothers—one that’s driven both by top-of-their-class experts in things like child rearing, relationships and professional development, and by the wisdom of mothers, shared with one another.


We want you to share your story and expertise with us.

What is a Motherly story?

Motherly stories empower, encourage and inspire other women. We know (all too well!) that motherhood isn’t all rainbows and happy babies all the time; this mother thing also requires grit, selflessness, humor and a lot encouragement along the way.

Motherly stories come from that deep place within where experience and wisdom meet. They help women to understand something in a new way, or to find a common experience reflected in another. They remind us all that we’re not so alone, after all.

Motherly stories are about the one thing that you really want to say to other moms. It’s the issue or insight that moves you. It’s your little Motherly secret, shared with our whole digital community.

Motherly stories are about things like choosing to “lean in” to something other than work, or why waiting to find out if you were having a boy or girl can be (surprise!) awesome, or saying goodbye to your pre-baby body. They tell us why having a second child can be so much easier than you’ve imagined, or why it can sometimes be even harder than your first.

Motherly stories reflect the diversity of the modern mother, and the universality of so many of our experiences.

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    I think I can speak for well, basically everyone on planet earth when I say things have been a bit stressful lately. Juggling virtual school, work and the weight of worry about all the things, it's increasingly difficult to take even a moment to be grateful and positive these days. It's far easier to fall into a grump cycle, nagging my kids for all the things they didn't do (after being asked nine times), snapping at their bickering and never really acknowledging the good stuff.

    But the truth is, gratitude and appreciation is the kind of medicine we need now more than ever—and not just because the season is upon us. For one thing, practicing gratitude is a scientifically proven way to boost our happiness, health and relationships. More importantly, we need to ensure we're cultivating it in our children even when things are challenging. Especially when things are challenging.

    I'm ready to crank the thankfulness up a few dozen notches and reboot our family's gratitude game so we can usher out 2020 on a fresh note. So, I've called in some reinforcements.

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