If you love delicious, simple meals (and who doesn’t?!), then you probably already know Erin Gleeson.

If you’re fond of Instagram, then you might have stumbled upon the thousands of her #forestfeast-inspired updates.

Or if you have been known to wander into Anthropologie “just to look,” (her book was prominently displayed in the store for months!) then you probably have already become a devotee.

Author of the popular cookbook ‘The Forest Feast,’ artist, food blogger, photographer and new mom to a precious boy named Ezra, Erin is inspiring readers everywhere with food and lifestyle updates sent from her cozy Bay Area cabin in the woods. (She’s also a lovely person, too! You can have it all, ladies!)

Erin’s gorgeous cookbook, adorned with vegetarian dishes that will even leave meat-eaters begging for more (promise!). It stands out in a crowded cooking field for the radical simplicity of its recipes, which combine mostly fresh ingredients in just a few simple, delicious steps. Coupled with Erin’s unique photography style, you can’t help but WANT each dish on your dinner table ASAP. Color us seriously impressed.

We chatted (below) with Erin about how motherhood has changed and inspired her.

Motherly: Has motherhood changed your relationship with food?

Erin Gleeson: “In the first few months, I was so tired and definitely cooking less (aka eating more burritos)! I was in survival mode and eating anything I could manage with one hand (while holding a baby). Now that he’s nine months (and sleeping!) I am cooking again and having fun making pureed foods for him. My husband and I usually cook after Ezra goes to bed, but when he gets a little older we plan to have dinner together at the table every night if we can.”

Motherly: How do you think the experience of motherhood has helped you to reimagine your career?

Erin Gleeson: “I have a tendency to be a real night owl when it comes to working, and I can’t do that anymore now that I have a little one who wakes me up early every morning! My time is more limited now so I don’t have time to take on extra freelance projects like I did before. I feel lucky that I am now able to really focus on The Forest Feast and making more cookbooks. I am also starting to think more about kids and cooking. I just finished creating The Forest Feast for Kids, a cookbook for children under 12 to learn to cook with fruits and vegetables (out Spring 2016). This summer I am shooting my next book, The Forest Feast Gatherings, an entertaining focused cookbook which comes out Fall 2016.”

Motherly: Erin, you inspire us. What inspires you?Erin Gleeson: “Late afternoon light, flowers, trees, fashion, magazines, cookbooks, other artists.”

We’ve tested out tons of Erin’s recipes on our wee ones, and have a few favorites to share that are enjoyable and easy to make, and are toddler friendly, too. (See: vegetable dishes that your kids will *want* to eat and make easy finger foods!)

1. This tasty quiche which makes us feel like MODERN-DAY MARTHA STEWARTS

2. This simple dish which keeps tiny tummies full for days

3. These gorgeous purple potatoes (with Greek yogurt for added protein!)

4. These baked kale egg cups which are yum for breakfast

5. These awesome veggie tacos which please parents and kids alike (we hold off on the spices for little ones!)