A close friend of mine had breast cancer over a decade ago, and we all learned about the links between her illness and aluminium-based antiperspirants. I immediately went to my local health food store to find an alternative. Eleven years later, I was still looking for one that smelled good and actually worked. Getting pregnant upped the ante, and I finally found a few that I would be happy for my daughter’s head to be in proximity to when breastfeeding.

Here’s what I found:

Kai Deodorant – By far the best natural deodorant I have ever used, Kai’s jasmine and gardenia scent is far more appealing than all those synthetic, cloying aerosols, and yet it manages to keep you feeling fresh all day long. At last, a natural deodorant that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Bionsen – If you miss that cooling spray action, this is the less toxin-heavy option for you. It’s paraben- and aluminium-free, and is gentle on sensitive skin, even post-shave.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant – This is the most heavenly scented deodorant, and does freshen up your armpits, but if you’re wearing synthetic fabrics or the temperature picks up, you will need to reapply. The thing is, you’ll be happy to, just to get another waft of rose.