From time to time we get reflective about our baby. The one you're reading right now. We realized that there are so many awesome stories you may have missed if you're newly pregnant and visiting for the first time. We'd hate for you to miss out on the goods, so here are a few links that we think you might be worth pouring over.

Happy Thursday!

1. Whether it's all in the genes or not, we like to think of stretch mark cream as a little extra insurance. Our friend and founder of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn creates a DIY stretch mark cream you'll want to slather everywhere. Get started here.

2. We began to recognize that chic pregnancy was not just a NY trend from early on. Get ready to to have some Bump Envy over our friend Katie who is Well Rounded in SF.

3. Getting a good night's rest never gets old. Here are 6 sleep myths unveiled.