With his boyish charm and puppy dog eyes [not to mention his super romantic character in 500 Days of Summer] we don't really need another reason to swoon over Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But then, he released 'Sexy Motha', and we're more in love than ever.

Here's the breakdown. Gordon-Levitt tells us what we already knew: moms wildly attractive. In fact he wants "those mothas" because they're "like no other lovas."

"I want a girl who likes to EAT ORGANIC. Read Dr. Seuss out loud. And if she's putting love into it when she's raising our child I want to combine our DNA right now."

Along with a buddy, a hot mom convert, the duo go check out mothers in the park, bust into a PTA meeting, and start a dance party. (We're pretty sure this could be a great way to recruit PTA members, FYI.)

And with lyrics like "Because a woman with a child always drives me wild...", we're free to collaborate with you anytime, Joseph.

Sure, a woman with curves is sexy, but so is a mom who likes to eat organic and reads Dr. Seuss out loud.

Gordon-Levitt started his own production company called HITRECORD which he explains as being, "a little bit different than your typical Hollywood production company, because anybody with the internet can come contribute to our collaborative projects and this website is where we all come to make things together." [Learn more about how it works here.]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, darling, we're loving your company's message of creative collaboration. Oh yes, and we're definitely loving your sexy-mom-loving message, too.

Let's face it ladies, we've still got it. ;)