We'd all like to be that girl that can effortlessly wear vintage throughout her pregnancy and look super-chic while she's doing it. But the reality is, styling vintage for the bump requires a little more finesse--and sometimes bravery--than you might think. The good news: there's no time like pregnancy to take some fashion risks. Especially when you have stylist du jour Latonya Staubs by your side.

This Brooklyn mama of two has a background in styling and a passion for vintage. Latonya's ability to sniff out amazing second-hand scores is a sight to behold, and she can size up a belly like nobody's business.

“Pregnancy is a great time to be uninhibited with your style," she says. “Your body is doing all sorts of beautiful and crazy things, and can sometimes feel like it isn't yours. Allowing yourself the opportunity to explore what feels good and what doesn't, and also just try new things, is what it's all about."

She recently joined us for a fun afternoon at one of our fave Brooklyn vintage shops, Pony, with our pregnant friend Ashley Lafond, a marketing manager for Domino Records. By the time she left, we were all shopping the racks brazenly with the mantra, “What would Latonya do?" Below, check out our looks, and get Latonya's 4 foolproof tips for styling vintage for pregnancy.

1. The Muumuu. I think there's a lot to be said about wearing a muumuu during pregnancy, and I feel as though the reputation behind this piece isn't as powerful as the piece itself. Obviously, there's a lot of comfort to this look, but a lot of style as well. With a muumuu, it can translate from day to night, with ease. And it can easily be layered with jewelry to kick it up a notch. Post pregnancy, it can be belted, giving a little freedom for that postpartum body. I find that many vintage muumuus come in fantastic patterns and colors to accent your pregnancy glow.

2. The High Waist. High-waisted anything can seem like a no-no while carrying around an extra heart beat, but don't underestimate the short. Most vintage shorts have an elastic waistband, stretching with you as you grow. Postpartum, they're equally as powerful. They can suck you in in all the right places, while still being extremely comfortable.

3. The Crop Top. This look is a combination of a vintage skirt, lifted up above the stomach, and a cropped/corset top. Instead of always trying to make shirts extend over the belly during pregnancy, try a bandeau or cropped shirt, or even a bra with more coverage. It may seem scandalous, but it isn't, and it's an easy solution to the persistent "this shirt doesn't fit" problem. You can mix and match, and have a little bit more fun. If you aren't of a fan of a bandeau look, simply tuck in a thin top or tie it in a knot on the side.

4. The Sack Dress. It's hard to commit to sack-like vintage pieces when you aren't showing like crazy. Most of us ladies just want to be hugged, and if we feel super big, then we want to show it. But this dress is for that off day, when you just want more space to breathe, and beyond. These kinds of dresses are ideal for the entire pregnancy and postpartum. I consider them investment pieces, even though they probably won't cost much from your local vintage shop. They have more than enough space to expand to the last few weeks. Usually these denim sack dresses or jumpers have a buckle on the shoulder, or in this case, on the inner torso. It's perfect for nursing. When purchasing anything during pregnancy, I always tell clients to purchase with breastfeeding in mind (if you plan to do so), to help save you from purchasing an entirely new wardrobe postpartum.

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography.

Ashley's hair and makeup by PRIV.

Shot on location at Pony in Brooklyn.