In 2017, our social media feeds were bombarded with sweet videos, heartwarming articles, and inspiring posts — and we’re not complaining one bit. In the midst of chaotic days, temper tantrums and tragedies across the world, these viral parenting moments reminded us what’s most important in life.

We looked back on some of our favorite viral moments from this year—and the lessons we learned from them and plan to take into 2018 with us.

This dad broke down during baby’s first shots *all the feels*

Baby’s first shots are arguably one of the most emotional days for parents, but new dad Antwon Lee’s video took the emotions to a whole new level. “You’re gonna stay strong,” he says. “I know you’re gonna cry, but it’s okay to cry.” Lee hopes it inspires other fathers to share their emotions.

Mama shared her top medicine hack

When your baby is sick, getting medicine in them can be the most difficult part when they’re fussy. Fortunately, this mama figured out that if you add the medicine into the bottle nipple, baby will take it with ease.

A Kentucky mama’s response to a stranger who said, “you have your hands full”

When she was walking through Wal-Mart with her family a stranger told her, “I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids.” Her response? “First off, my hands were empty as you can see in the photo (had to point that out). What you can’t tell is that I lost two babies before being blessed with my last two, so if you want to feel sorry for me, there’s the only reason why you should. My children are blessings. They aren’t perfectly modeled citizens because, well, they’re children…” ?

For the mama who doesn’t feel like she’s doing a good job

Australian blogger Constance Hall posted on Facebook a photo of her kids at dinner and shared her struggles with feeling like a mom who’s not good enough. Her therapist had the most heartwarming and reassuring response.

“Babies cry, it’s how they communicate. Toddlers scream, children whinge and teenagers complain. But guess what Con? It’s better than silence. A house full of screaming kids and fighting teenagers and a parent who’s being thrown every question and request is a healthy one to me. It’s the silent children, the scared toddlers, the teenagers that don’t come home and the parents who aren’t in communication with their children that I worry about. And kids don’t drive you crazy, you were crazy already. That’s why you had them.”

94-year-old put a pool in for neighborhood kids after his wife’s passing

Keith Davison of Minnesota decided to build a pool in his yard for the neighborhood children after his wife of almost 66 years pass away. It brought him joy, lots of laughs, and designated him as the neighborhood grandpa. It also reminded us to take a moment to spend time with loved ones who are hurting.

When this dad explained why emotions are so important to his daughter

In an emotional video posted to Facebook, Randy Gaines is seen talking to his daughter about her feelings. His daughter was upset about an encounter they had earlier and he walks her through understanding the emotions and why it’s okay to feel them. “You don’t have to be happy. You don’t have to be anything, okay?” This is the kind of parenting we all want to emulate. ?

Stretch marks became a body positive movement

Stretch marks are bound to happen and while they’re known for making us feel a bit insecure, Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel used Photoshop to fill them in with glitter, highlighting their power and beauty. “Nothing is more powerful than giving confidence to myself along with so many women and men out there,” she said on Instagram. Embrace those stretch marks, warrior mamas!

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This toddler wanted a Target-themed birthday party for the sweetest reason

We all love Target, but when Charlie was turning 3 years old, she wanted her birthday party to be all Target everything. Her mom shared in a Facebook post that her obsession comes from their trips together when she was premature. Born at just 28 weeks, mom and daughter would spend time at Target to get out of the house. Now we have even more reason to celebrate Target in our lives.

Mama’s vows to step son showed there’s no one path to motherhood

When U.S. Marines Emily and Joshua Newville were under the alter, Emily shared the sweetest vows to her new four-year-old step son, Gage. As he listened, he cried into Emily’s dress, overcome with emotions. And we all were reminded that the road to motherhood isn’t limited to one path when she said, “I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”

Toddler and officer who delivered her reunited a year later

It takes a village and sometimes that village needs a police officer who helps to deliver your baby during an emergency roadside birth. When Evelyn and Deputy Constable Diebold reunited a year later for a tea party-themed photo shoot to honor the role that law enforcement played in her birth, the images quickly went viral. “We have all become friends, and I know that Mark Diebold sees Evelyn quite often. The Hall kids even call him Uncle Mark,” said Evelyn’s mom. Embrace your villages, mama!