Mamas do a lot for our families, but for many of us, nothing would be possible without the love and support from the men in our life. And father figures improve our children's lives, too. A large body of research found that when dad is there to read to, play with and care for his child, the child's developmental and educational outcomes are improved.

Whether it's your own dad, a partner, or a special uncle, men support and encourage us and deserve to be celebrated, too. To pay homage to dads everywhere, we've highlighted a few ways you and your littles can show him you care not only on Father's Day, but every single day (even while social distancing).

From picnics in the parks to making crafts, we've got you covered. Here are 11 dad-approved ways to celebrate Father's Day:

1. Grill together


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Every dad strives to be the grilling champion of the world. This year, join him in the fun and grill easy meals together. If safely is a concern, have small kids prep the food before grilling so they aren't near the fire.


2. Make decorations


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Every dad loves a homemade card from their little ones, but this year take it a step further and decorate your home with balloons and streamers. Bonus points if you decorate while he's asleep so he wakes up to a home filled with cute decorations.


3. Watch a movie

watching tv

Sure, we're all social distancing, but that doesn't mean you can't watch your favorite movies and shows with relatives from all over. Create accounts with Zoom, Skype or Houseparty, set up a time and press play at the same time. Just be sure to let the dads select the film this time.


4. Read books about dads


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Celebrate the bond between children and their father with stories that display positive father and child relationships. We like: Made for Me , Because I'm Your Dad and I Love You, Daddy .


5. Take pictures together

taking pictures

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Capture the special moments on Father's Day by pulling out your camera (or phone) and taking pictures. You can also hire a photographer and take pictures while practicing social distancing.


6. Make a craft



Use space themed foam stickers to decorate a straw and let him know he's "out of this world."


7. Have a dance party


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Not only does music e nhance children's listening skills , but it's also closely related to higher IQs . Add in a few dance moves and you're all set for a fun, educational good time.


8. Have a picnic


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Grab a blanket, tasty snacks and sunscreen and you're all set for a day at the park.


9. Take a walk


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There are countless medical studies that prove that regular exercise is good for health , but did you know that taking a family walk can help you focus? A study from the University of Cincinnati found that taking a nature walk fosters a deeper family connection and overall cohesion.


10. Ride bikes

bike ride

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Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage, but teaching your child how to ride one is just as important in the journey of parenting. Grab family bikes and hit the road. Remember to be patient and don't try to force the process if your little doesn't immediately pick up on it.


11. Cuddle

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Did you know that cuddling your baby changes their DNA for the better? Use Father's Day as the perfect excuse to hug, kiss and cuddle your immediate family.