As New Yorkers, we have a (smug) tendency to brag about how busy we are on a regular basis. The more your days are filled up with appointments, the more successfull you feel. But the truth is, a little slowing down could do us all some good. Particularly during pregnancy. Blogger and online vintage shop owner (currently on hiatus) and mama-to-be Lauren Christner, aka Phoenix Moon, is living proof that chasing our tails isn’t the only way to get from day to day. “My morning usually consists of waking up early, hearing the neighbor’s rooster crow, making breakfast and sitting on the back porch with my husband before he leaves for work,” says Christner. “Then the rest of the day just kind of happens! No two days are ever the same around here. There is lots to do before baby gets here, so I usually stay pretty busy with some sort of organizing or house project.” Sounds kind of dreamy, no?

Here Christner fills us in on how to wear vintage during pregnancy, discovering baby goods on Instagram, and life in general in the Lonestar State.


How would you describe your maternity style?

Comfortable Boho...because really, I mean, when you get down to it, what is more important during pregnancy than being comfortable?

What are you favorite “belly-friendly” brands and your staples throughout your pregnancy?

I love H&M maternity so much and Topshop maternity rocks as well. I am also a huge fan of fitted maxi dresses in my normal size or a size bigger to show off the bump! I alternate outfits each week between maternity jeans and an old t-shirt with boots, a vintage caftan of some sort, a fitted maxi with a kimono on top, and leggings with boots and a long tee/tunic.

Do you have any favorite baby shops yet?

I have a few online shops I like, but I am not really familiar at all with what is out there! I am excited to venture out and explore what the world of baby stuff has to offer once my little dude gets here! Instagram is a great way to discover baby shops and brands, and that is how I have found the things we have so far.

Do you have any favorite maternity shops near you?

In town we have a Motherhood Maternity store which is great for basics like bras and panties. Dallas is about an hour away so whenever I am there I like to see what it has to offer as far as maternity. The selection is much better...and a lot more dangerous for my bank account!

What's it like being pregnant in Denton?

We live in the country so it is quiet here, giving me lots of time to rest and prepare for baby uninterrupted. Life is slower and things get done when they get done...and we like it that way! We live too far out of town to walk anywhere so we drive our cars to get around. Our town is a fun college town with lots of cool things to do and amazing food to eat so being pregnant here rocks! There are so many choices food-wise and it is always fun to just walk around downtown and see what is going on, whether it be a music festival or just a movie on the lawn of the courthouse.

How have you felt during your pregnancy?

I have felt great overall! I feel like people scare you into thinking pregnancy is really rough before you are pregnant, so I was pleasantly surprised that everything has gone so well! I love being pregnant, it is an incredible, miraculous and wonderful time.

Any surprises when it comes to your body?

I am just amazed that my stomach can stretch that much. I look in the mirror and just cannot believe how huge it has gotten! And the fact that I don't really feel that much different amazes me too, even though I look like I have a watermelon under my shirt.

What tips can you give women for shopping vintage with a bump?

Pick exactly what you would have picked before, just make sure it fits over the bump! I have loved wearing a lot of my vintage during pregnancy because I still feel like 'me' without having to buy an entire new wardrobe. Long, flowy, oversized caftans and dresses are a great pick for a pregnant lady. And with fall and winter approaching soon I am so excited to break out all my vintage coats and furs to add over my outfits!

Tell us about your nursery. What’s been your inspiration and how have you designed the space? Designing and arranging the nursery has been so much fun! I want to just hang out in there all day. I was really inspired by pops of color, southwestern/native american things such as teepees and cactus, and all with a little touch of mid-century modern furniture mixed with a nod to Scandinavian style. Ok, so that all sounds like a jumbled design mess, but I am really happy with how it has turned out! I like the idea of filling his room up with all kinds of colorful, exciting things so it feels like its already been lived in and part of the rest of the house for years.

What are you most nervous or excited for when baby arrives?

I am most nervous about losing sleep...I do not function well when I am tired, so I am looking forward to seeing how my body will adapt to motherhood. And I am so excited to see his face for the first time and kiss him and get to know the little mystery boy that has been kicking around in my belly all this time!

What are you most looking forward to fitting back into?