I think any mama will agree when we say: there’s nothing quite like the day you’re able to get yourself into a pair of jeans without an elastic waistband. Regardless of whether they’re your “pre-baby” size or not. MiH Jeans' founder and designer can testify. She’s on her fourth pregnancy. But maybe that's just the denim in her veins speaking. Lonsdale’s parents were part of the denim revolution in the 70s, which meant she had trunks of old jean stock at her disposal as a teen to test out her designer skills. No wonder she’s been able to grow her denim lifestyle brand into 500 stockists worldwide since launching in 2006. But as much as we’re obsessed with every piece in her denim line we wanted to find out from Chloe firsthand what it’s like being pregnant for the fourth time -- in London -- and how in the world she balances it all. Tell us about your maternity style. It is much the same as when I'm not pregnant! I live in our Oversize Shirts which transition brilliantly and usually keep me going right until the end. At around 6 months, I have to replace my jeans with our silk pants. I still try and wear the odd pair of heels – as long as it's not for too long. What's this pregnancy experience been like compared to your past three? They have all been the same luckily – I have been very blessed that my pregnancies have been quite straightforward as I work non-stop throughout. But now that I'm on my fourth, I am trying to take it a little easier. What's the biggest adjustment you think you'll have to make with a fourth? I don’t think I'll be able to find any one of my friends and family to look after all four if I am away for work or need a break with my husband. The logistics will certainly become a lot more complicated! How have you been prepping your other three children for the new baby's arrival? They are all still so young that they are blissfully unaware. They have never known anything else as I've had each baby a year apart – it is so normal for them to have another brother or sister. This is it though, I'm stopping at four! Will the baby have his/her own nursery or will he/she be sharing a room? How do you tackle that challenge? No the baby won’t be sharing a room but my two boys do, and I think it is a great idea for kids to share. It’s incredible how one can scream and the other stays fast asleep – it is much less of a challenge than you would think! What has been some nursery inspiration? The baby will be in an adorable little loft bedroom. I am giving it a garden room feeling using Farrow & Ball paints, soft sheepskin rugs and recovering some gorgeous old chairs in beautiful Svenskt Tenn leaf print fabric. What are some of your favorite 'Belly Friendly' brands? I tend to avoid maternity wear and buy clothes that I could still wear after pregnancy but have a more slouchy feeling. I live in our MiH Oversize Shirts (Cotton or Silk) and also Acne does great boxy oversized knits. How is being pregnant in London unlike being pregnant in other cities? London is a great city to be pregnant in. There is so much going on for expecting and new mums. The only frustrating thing is the weather – in winter you have to wear a lot more layers and think a little harder about how you are going to dress. It is not as easy when the climate is cold! What outfit are you dying to get back into post pregnancy? My normal jeans! What are some tips you can give first time moms for balancing children, work and life in general? It’s important that new mothers know it is ok to balance and not spend all their time with their children. It can be a very positive thing to go to work - the time I do spend with my kids is good quality and very focused on them. Keeping boundaries between work and home life is important but there is never a perfect balance. Whoever says that is lying!