It was serendipitous that Jessica and I got pregnant at the same time. Being first-time mamas in New York City, in a sea of single friends isn’t so easy...especially within that first trimester, when activities change (bye-bye booze) and energy levels plummet. Jess and I were friends from the magazine world pre-pregnancy, and had made a nice habit of meeting up for dinner and drinks. So, of course, it’s only appropriate that our pregnancy-reveals happened over a delicious dinner at a restaurant downtown. Jess went first, and I met her news with big sigh of relief -- I had been keeping my pregnancy under wraps. A pregger friend! Over the next few months, we came to terms with the fact that our bodies were changing and that our lives were about to as well. But, despite our jobs in media, neither one of us could find a resource that complemented this new stage in our lives. Sure, we weren’t fitting into our old jeans anymore, but we still wanted to feel like ourselves. And just because we weren’t boozing it up while our babies were cooking didn’t mean that we couldn’t enjoy our favorite things, like eating at the latest restaurants. All we saw were pink and blue at the end of the tunnel...and we like tie-dye. Which is why, once the newborn fog lifted, we started working on Well Rounded NY. And why last week, four months after unofficially launching WRNY, we were finally ready to celebrate our new baby together with a Sip & See at the Duc Duc Showroom in SoHo (and yes, “we” are fully aware that we sound like a couple when “we” speak sometimes and “we” are totally fine with it). We fell in love with the idea of a Sip & See after seeing some work that our friends over at Little Miss Party had done. So who better to collaborate with on our “Granny Chic” theme than LMP partners Seri and Michelle? All we had to do was share a picture of some gorgeous floral paper straws that we had become fixated on, and say the words “gold” and “lace,” and LMP came back to us with a dream of an event. From spray-painting objects gold to filling the room with beautiful floral arrangements, every detail was perfection. Our guests were excited to leave with a “Party in a Box,” because, really, who doesn’t love a party? In a box! Seri was on site the day of (Michelle is home with her precious newborn!) and she could not have made us feel calmer. Now, we like sippin’ on some champers as much as the next gal, but as our friend Evan Gubernick from 485 Creative (and art brain behind WRNY) likes to say, “You want them doing something.” And something they did. We asked our friends super-crafter Meg Allan Cole and Cute Attack shop’s Liza Dare to have some fun with our guests, and we’re so happy they said yes. Meg showed the ladies (and gents) how to make pom-poms and what to do with the colorful bunches (hello, pom-pom mobile), and Liza had them hammering away, customizing their own bracelets and charms with the initials of their choice. Our guests also hammed it up at our Polaroid station, sponsored by Little Duck Organics (can you say floral washi tape?), and powered up their dying phone batteries at the Mommy Nearest charging station. (Okay, not quite DIY, but sort of.) The party was filled with people who have been supporting us since WRNY was just a tiny zygote of an idea, so we wanted to make sure to thank our guests properly with cool gift bags filled with lots of loot. We were excited that Susan from Fourth Love signed on as a sponsor because what’s better than two cute logos in a unique design from 485 Creative. Oh, and did we mention there were tons of great goodies inside? Seriously though, we were completely taken back at how wonderful the evening was. We keep joking that we got married (especially because we got our hair done by the awesome GlamSquad team). The room was truly filled with warmth and excitement. And we could not have chosen a better place than Ducduc to host the event. We loved seeing every single smiling face throughout the night: old friends, new friends, editor friends, brand friends and blogger friends. We had (and overheard) inspiring conversations and are proud that new connections were made. This is just the beginning for us here at Well Rounded NY. And we don’t really need a long list of reasons to throw a party so expect more of those too. Thanks to everyone who was there, and keep on reading, keep on sharing and keep on telling us what you would like to see more of! #WRNYishere (Thank you Munchkin, LeSportSac, Nine Naturals, Tattly, The Sunday Fare, SW Basics, and Little Duck Organics for gift bag goodies. And last but not least a thank you to The Nourishing Vegan for providing healthy delicious bites and Chef Mary London for the naughty and delicious bites.) Photos by the über-talented Kristy May Photography.