When your baby turns one, there’s a whole lot to celebrate...for baby, of course, but also for mama. You learn so much, and sacrifice even more in that one short year. You test your inner strength, and you push yourself beyond your limits. Your heart and your soul expand beyond measure. In fact, you probably grow more in that first year than in all the rest of the years of your life. So that big party you swore you would never have for your baby’s first birthday...well, you have it. Because frankly, YOU deserve it. Not too long ago, our “baby”--Well Rounded NY--turned one. And you know what? We deserved a party, too. So we threw one. And not that we’re biased or anything, but it was pretty kickass. It all started from a visit to our friends at bloom in West Chelsea, who in addition to making some of the most incredible baby gear in the business, also have one of the most incredible rooftops in NYC. And as any New Yorker knows, there’s nothing better than a summer rooftop party in the city...that is, unless it’s designed by Seri and Michelle of Little Miss Party. We weren’t sure the LMP girls could top their gorgeous granny-chic design for our launch party, but this year’s “Summer in the City” showing--complete with faux hedges, lawn chairs and inflatable pools (and beach balls!)--proved us totally wrong. Speaking of beach balls, our friends at Britax helped us create the ultimate in “seating” areas (what else would you expect from a company that has some of the best car seats in the biz), so guests could chill out while they took in the ridiculous views. Explore & Discover, a new early learning center in Manhattan, schooled our guests in the quintessential NYC street food experience with hot dogs from Bark, handmade pretzels from Cafe Katja, and fruity ice pops to cool everyone down. Our first birthday cupcakes were compliments of Baked by Melissa, and we cheers!’d with Cannonball Wine Company, POM Wonderful mocktails and water from Fresh Direct. And Lara Levine Photography captured it all. Of course, no summer party would be complete without a beach bag, so we owe a big thank you to Babyganics, who collaborated with us to create a limited-edition tote that looks as cool in the city as it does on the sand. And for the goodies inside, we’ve got to thank Lesportsac, Bumkins, Nine Naturals, Kid & Coe, Babyganics, Baked by Melissa and Fresh Direct. And so we end our first year as proud mamas, sure, but also as women who have been humbled by the experiences we have gone through to get here. And we know we could have never, ever done it without you. You visit us every day on our site, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and show up at our lovingly planned events around the city. So thank you for cheering us on, and reminding us of why we started Well Rounded NY in the first place. One year down, and many, many more to go. Now please, with year two in front of us, go ahead and tell us what you’re loving, what you’re hating and what you want to see more of. We promise we won’t throw a tantrum. #WRNYisONE Photography by Lara Levine Photography.