This week, in honor of Babywearing Week, we asked you to share some of the things you do while you're babywearing on Instagram. And from the little victories to the mega accomplishments, we've been blown away. While you babywear, you hang at the beach. You hike. You ride the subway. You run 5Ks. You foodshop. You go to Shake Shack. You tour the Greek Islands. You ride the carousel. You paint your house. You workout. You practice babywearing with your dog, just so you can get it right. You amaze us, you babywearing mamas. And dads. And caregivers. You inspire us and you make us smile. We are in awe of you. And not only are you doing baby so much good by babywearing, you're doing YOU good. Because you're keeping on doing the things that make you YOU. Just with baby in tow. So keep on trucking...and babywearing. And thank you for sharing your lives with us at Well Rounded NY. And don't forget to check out #wellroundedbabywearing and keep posting your own babywearing pics. Be proud. We're proud of you.