Because we all can’t bounce back from childbirth like Duchess Kate, we are loving the realness Charlize Theron brings to her role in the new movie Tully. But the film begs some pretty deep questions. And an excuse to finally buy that DSLR you’ve been eyeing? It turns out taking and sharing photos every day is good for the soul. Plus, Amazon Prime to the rescue for all of you last minute mother’s day shoppers (or you know, the ones who might need to text this list to your partner -- we’re not judging). It’s all right here in our Weekly Links.

  1. In partnership with Pottery Barn Kid, West Elm launches a line of nursery essentials. From cribs to dressers to gliders and bedding, the kids collection is complete with the sleek mid-century modern look that West Elm is known for; and we are in love! Check the line here.
  2. She hasn’t even entered preschool, and already she’s taking university physics?! Well, her mom is. Have you seen this adorable picture of a university professor holding his student’s baby as he lectures? The story behind it is so sweet -- and inspiring. Nothing should get in the way of education.
  3. We hear about the “dangers of social media” all the time, but now a new study says taking photos for to post online is actually incredibly good for you, in some pretty complex ways. The research says daily photography can improve your wellbeing through self-care, community interaction and the potential to look back and relive your happy memories. As if we needed another reason to share that pic of our kiddo at the playground.
  4. Charlize Theron brings all kinds of realness to the “new mom” image in the just released film Tully. She’s exhausted, she’s squishy and she still has like, a million things to do other than take care of the baby. We love this analysis by WaPo, begging the question: does becoming a mom fundamentally change you? I’m still wondering that about myself.
  5. If you’ve waited until the very last minute to get a mother’s day gift for your mom, your sister, your new mama besties: you need to check this out. Some great gift ideas that are all available on Amazon Prime. Shew!
  6. And as an early idea for a father’s day present, how about a gym membership. Scientists have reason to believe dads who exercise are more likely to produce smarter babies. And let’s be honest, we’re more likely to have kids if dad’s got a rockin’ bod. Win win.