Whether you were obsessed with food before pregnancy or never gave it a second thought, once baby's on the way, nutrition becomes a daily (if not hourly) topic. What's healthy? What's safe? What's not going to make me want to throw up? Which is why we can't be the only ones curious about what one of our fave NYC nutritionists, Stephanie Middleberg of Middleberg Nutrition, is eating during her own pregnancy.

Now 5.5 months pregnant, Middleberg says she initially gave into her early pregnancy cravings to quash nausea, but regretted relaxing her standards. “Many women consider pregnancy a time to eat whatever they want and give in to their cravings to readily, especially in the very beginning," she says. “My best piece of advice nutritionally is to try to get veggies and protein in early on. Quality really does matter."

Living in NYC can also up the health quotient when it comes to pregnancy. “Having to walk everywhere truly makes you stay active. You're always moving here, even when you're on transit or going up and down stairs. And in New York, we have everything! The diversity of food options is unbeatable, and there's a gym or class on almost every corner."

Take a peak into what a week in her pregnant nutritionist life looks (and tastes!) like. Then head on over to our Instagram feed where you can catch her #WRNYInstaTakeover…and ask her all your pregnancy and new mama nutrition questions!


Breakfast. I love breakfast! It's a meal I never try to skimp on. But since I'm typically out the door by 6:30/7am I need to prepare everything the night before. These little egg frittatas are super easy and are perfect to grab and go. I make them the night before and they can get me through half the week. They are a great source of easy protein and I like to add some spinach for added fiber and calcium. Just whisk a few eggs together pour them into parchment paper lined muffin tin, bake at 375 for 15 minutes (or until puffy) and voila breakfast of champions!

Sushi. Team meeting office lunch! I've heard one of the most missed foods during pregnancy is sushi and man they are right! Thank god for Beyond Sushi, tricks me just enough to satiate that craving. It is solely focused on making vegetarian sushi rolls and it is not only delicious but also beautiful. There are two locations right now in NYC and one is near my office. My favorites are the Nutty Buddy, the Spicy Mang and the Mighty Mushroom rolls.

Pilates. Monday evenings I do Pilates. For me, it has been one of the best exercises before and during my pregnancy. Since I ruptured a disk in my back a few years ago (and have had friends with back issues through their pregnancies), I've been very careful to make sure my back (and surrounding muscles) are strong. At the end of a long day, it really helps my alignment and gives me space where I feel especially tight. Working with Chrissy has been incredible. I'm also wearing my favorite maternity workout brand FitBump who I also consult with.


Beauty Indulgences. Thanks to the lovely Sakara Life (one of my favorite meal deliveries) girls who sent these Tata Harper goodies to me as a beyond generous gift. I am now obsessed with their products (eye cream, exfoliate face wash). They are all natural, non-toxic and have the most gorgeous packaging!

Infused Water. I got this awesome Ball Infuser water bottle at an event I went to a month or so ago with the Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist Gabby Reece (who is my new favorite person). This has been a huge help as it's easier to get dehydrated while pregnant and the infuser allows for the addition of delicious fruits, veggies and herbs. Today I filled the infuser with mint, lime and cucumber. Extremely hydrating and delicious! We also made ice cubes with these herbs and provide infused filtered water to our clients.


Nails. Spring is in the air (well, sort-of) and I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I stumbled upon them one night on the Lower East Side and feel in love immediately. It's 100% vegan, non-toxic and is just as good as any mainstream brand out there in terms of color and longevity.

Café Clover. I am part of a “Kale Club" (eye roll I know) with some girlfriends and tonight we had our first “baby" kale dinner (two of us are pregnant and due 3 days from each other and delivering in the same hospital—crazy!). It's just a fun excuse to go out to eat at healthy spots in the city. Tonight we went to Café Clover, which is by far my new favorite healthy restaurant. The food is delicious, fresh and simple. I loved their beautiful crudité platter and the fish entrees as well as this yummy mocktail, called the superhero (pomegranate, blueberry, elderflower, Echinacea, lemon) they made.


Workout. I sit so much during the day with clients and I've started to feel uncomfortable. Since I can't stand with my clients, my husband suggested I sit on an exercise ball, so I ordered one…just the wrong size. Fail.

Smoothies. When I moved into my new office in January 2014 what most excited me was the opportunity to have a real test kitchen and the centerpiece of that is the smoothie bar! I love bringing clients there and experimenting with all different types of ingredients and recipes.


Cashew Milk. I am lactose intolerant and always searching for dairy alternatives. Today, I've decided to make my own cashew milk. It's super easy. Simply soak raw cashews for at least 4 hours (I did it over night) and then blend with water and some flavors (I used vanilla extract, sea salt, cinnamon + a little maple syrup). The taste and texture and nutrition (great source of magnesium, iron and zinc) are better than most store brands. Although, I definitely do not make my own all the time. Next up, I want to make sesame seed milk.

Dinner. This is a Friday night staple and one of my biggest cravings! It has always been my favorite meal especially when I was a kid and it's been a perfect comfort food to cook on these busy frigid weeks. (My husband put this plate together to take the picture, I then added double the portions!)


Barre Class. My other favorite pregnancy exercise are barre classes. There's a studio right around the corner from us in Brooklyn Heights, Xtend Barre, and it's become a Saturday morning ritual. Perfect cleanse from the work week and a way for me to feel relaxed for the weekend.

Lunch. My husband and I are just back from our babymoon in Mexico and have been missing the fresh fish so we decided to try out Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. It is phenomenal! I was able to get my fish taco's and purchased some wild fish on our way out. This is by far the best quality fish I have found in a while. They are working on a delivery service so stay tuned….

Tea Time. On our way home, we stopped off at Matcha Bar in Williamsburg, which I recently featured here. You know a trend is at its peak when there is a dedicated store in Brooklyn, and since it has double the antioxidants than green tea, its one I can get behind…We both had Matcha Lattes and for a little sweet treat Matcha donut holes and macaroons.