No matter what your budget for your big kid's bedroom, figuring out where to save and where to splurge can be a challenge. Should you invest in a bed or character sheets they may later grow out of? It isn't always easy to figure out, but these tips will get you moving on your big kid's bedroom and have them loving their new space.

Where to save

In general, there are two key areas where you can easily get away with purchasing at lower price points. They are items that your child does not come in direct contact with on a regular basis and items representing your child's latest favorite shows or characters.

This means décor pieces are a good place to start saving. Often wall art, throw pillows and even small rugs are inspired by your child's favorite interest as of that day. But what about tomorrow, when Curious George is out on his cute little keester and Transformers takes over every inch of your house?

While I believe it is important to collaborate with your child when designing their bedroom, it's also important to strategically incorporate their love of characters or shows because it could cost you down the road if they want to change everything.

Go ahead and get them a few inexpensive décor pillows they pick out. Or offer a selection of "mom-approved" wall art that your kiddo can choose from and hang for all their besties to see.

Where to splurge

A good rule of designing when it comes to kids' spaces is to invest a bit more in items they will use on a daily basis or need for a long period of time.

Your child is going to give pieces, like their dresser and bed frame a run for their money. Whether it's opening dresser drawers five times a day to change their outfit or showing off their best action hero moves on their bed, you want durable pieces that can take a beating and still be safe for use.

Speaking of safe, the other big factor for splurging on these highly used items is to create a healthy space for growth. I am a big believer in detoxing your child's room and the bed is the perfect place to start.

The bed, a place where your child will be jumping, dancing, reading and eventually sleeping for 8-10-12 hours a day, every day is no place to skimp. From the mattress to the sheets to the duvet, selecting premium 100% organic cotton product made Global Organic Textile Standard certified means there is nothing touching your child's skin except safe, comfy and breathable material.

Keep in mind that you will spend more upfront for these non-toxic, safer products, but it's worth every penny for your peace of mind for years to come.

Start reading the labels and look closer at the product descriptions. Fortunately, more and more brands are moving beyond the basic product descriptions listing very specific environmental attributes. It is more common than ever to find kid's products made of organic materials, even from large retailers.

Aside from how you spend your budget, the ultimate goal should be to create a room for your child that will grow with them. A space that encourages proper development and confidence–just like you, they're moods are often affected by their environment. Mixing high-low prices will afford you that kind of space.

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